These are some of the comments received from our clients.

'I was taught a long time ago that the first thing I should read in a non-fiction book is the index. With a good index, it’s like looking at a map before setting out on the journey. It gives you both a sense of where you are going and the comfort that you can come back to it and find your way any time you want. I wanted that for my own book, and Wendy has provided just that. Thank you!' (Ian A Marsh, author)

'I have been through the index and am tremendously impressed ...  it looks amazing. I can't believe the amount of work that has gone into it! ... One other thing that pleased was the way in which the index captures and summarizes the thought on the page in the fewest possible words. I thought that this was very deftly done. I will certainly recommend you to others, and also to myself if we have any more works needing an index.' (Douglas Somerset, Scottish Reformation Society)

'I was very pleased with the work you did on this index. You completed the job on time and to budget which is obviously very important. The queries you raised were particularly useful as you highlighted some errors which wouldn't have been picked up on otherwise. I'd have no hesitation in booking you again or recommending you to my colleagues.' (Senior Project Editor)

'We would very much like to work with you again as (to our delight) quite a few readers have commented on the accuracy and clarity of the index for the last book.' (Jo Phillips, Rose Grant publishing)

'This is great, and thank you so much for doing the index so quickly. It's really impressive!' (Lucienne Boyce, author)

'Thank you very much for the splendid job you’ve done with the index for Belief and Organization.' (Peter Case, volume editor)

'I think that the indexer has done a great job and deserves our congratulations.' (Author's comment to publisher

'In writing a major biography the thing I feared most was creating the index. It loomed large and I felt it would take forever. My fears were banished when Wendy Baskett took over the task and completed it in record time. I was simply amazed at both the quality and quantity of her work. This was no skinny index! Simply put, Wendy did an amazing job with a quick turnaround and I am very pleased that it is part of my biography of Aimee Semple McPherson.' (Chas. H. Barfoot, author)

'...a very thorough and clearly designed index'

'Thanks again for a very fine indexing job completed sympathetically and efficiently against a tight deadline'  (Justin Smith, author)

'Thanks so much for doing such an excellent job!....it does look very comprehensive...Thanks again for such a professional job!'  (Jamie Miller, author)

'Many thanks for your excellent work. I hope to work with you again soon.'  (Sarah Charters, Senior Editor, Humanities, Ashgate Publishing Ltd)